Feel AT HOME in your forever house.

You finally have the forever house you wanted … but you just can’t seem to bring it together and create the HOME you always dreamed of.

Whether you’re just

I’m here to help!


Hello! I’m Amy Mitchell, owner of HOME GLOW Design and creator of Home Glow’s Saturday Blog.

I help time-strapped and style-confused homeowners transform their forever houses into the “Forever Homes” they crave – full of the fresh classic style, quality, and comfort that will stand the test of time.

Let’s make your

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I work with lots of different clients with lots of different reasons why they haven’t been able to make their houses into the homes they dream of. But they all want the same thing  – a Forever Home filled with comfort, quality, and character that will stand the test of time.

I’m ready to meet your needs where you are.

Whether you live near or far, we’ll tackle your biggest challenges, style, budget, and timeline and create your personal Forever Home Road Map to get you where you want to go and make your home glow.

When you’re happy to be your own project coordinator, a Design Master Plan will give you a uniquely crafted room plan according to your style & family’s living habits, with the highest quality decor within your budget … and the confidence you need to get decorating!

You’re busy (sometimes TOO busy) to decorate, or maybe decorating just isn’t your forte!

I’m here to handle everything –from the measuring, designing, ordering, shipping, coordinating, and installing of your new space — and give your Forever Home the GLOW you’ve been craving.

let's talk


Not sure where to start or want more details? Schedule a FREE 15-minute intro call with me to discuss your project and your service needs. 


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Realistic Decorating Budgets For Your Forever Home

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