Color Consultations

Picture of swatches and a paintbrush on blueprints. Note to inspector: blueprints are my own.

Does this story sound familiar? Your bedroom never seemed “right,” so you went to the paint store and got a bunch of paint chips, and you hung them on the wall. Then you went back, bought a bunch of sample pots, and painted them on the wall. But one turned blue, another purple, another just looked like … something unsanitary. Now, you have 10 different paints on your wall, you’ve spent a bunch of time and money, driven yourself and/or spouse nuts, and you still aren’t any closer to choosing a color.

No, you aren’t stupid or indecisive. Color is complicated. Most paints have 2-7 tints that make up their formulations, not to mention the type of base used. Taking into account different kinds of lighting, hard surfaces finishes, and furnishings, it could drive anyone crazy. We can help.

Interior Color Consultations

Exterior Color Consultations

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