Exterior Color Consultations

Exterior consultations are completed in 2 appointments, both around 30 minutes.

At the start of our first appointment, we’ll  talk about your needs and desires for the final result — do you feel your colors are just a little “off,” do want a historical palette, one that’s historically “inspired” with a fresh twist, something more crisp, etc.? Then, I’ll take photos of your exterior, as well as the neighboring homes, and we’ll set up the second appointment.

I will return with 2 color palettes for your exterior. With large size color swatches in hand, we can look at them outside to get a feel for what that colors look like in different light (direct sunlight, in shade, etc.).

Once you know which color palette you like, I will return to my studio to create your color map and email it to you in 2-3 business days.

Price for Exterior Color Consultations – includes color choices for body, trim, shutters, and front door.

2 color palettes: $450

Hourly rate for additional consultation time billed at quarter-hour increments.

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