The Home Glow Method (3 Payments)


The Home Glow Method is for Forever Homeowners just like you….

To help you get the confidence you need to get down to work, make a plan, and get decorating… knowing that the results will GLOW.

Over 6 modules, you will learn:

  • A Fool-Proof Formula for the Perfect “Mix” of Unique and Timeless
  • My Secret Trick for Creating a Color Palette with Depth (But Doesn’t Look Like a Kaleidoscope!)
  • Designer Space Planning Tips, Tricks, & Pitfalls to Avoid
  • How to Create (and Stick To!) a Balanced Budget, including Tips for Where to Save and Where to Spend
  • How to Think Spatially with Color & Pattern
  • How to Make Your Home Flow from Room to Room (Without Looking Like a Big Box Catalog)
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Realistic Decorating Budgets For Your Forever Home

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