for Decorating Success!

An Insider’s Guide to Clearances & Measurements, Pitfalls to Avoid, & Creative Solutions to Strange Space Situations

In this guide, you'll learn:

  • A professional designer’s advice & insider tips for space planning in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, & dining rooms.
  • Advised clearances & dimensions in those spaces.
  • How to optimally size your lights, art, & rugs.
  • Space planning pitfalls I frequently see homeowners make — so you can avoid them!
  • My tips for working around space planning dilemmas by room.

Do you have open-floor plan woes?????

Let’s take your space from “cavernous” to COZY.

Small space uncertainty?

Let’s CONFIDENTLY fill your room with right-sized furnishings for that Forever Home feel!

Get the clarity you need!

Insider Floor Plan Measurements Guide

Why do you need this guide?

There is NOTHING worse than wasting $3,000 on a TOO-BIG sofa. 

I HATE wasting money. 

And as much as a spilled ice cream cone makes me want to cry, multiplying that cost x1000 can send me into a full-on meltdown.

(Pun intended. HA!)


Do YOU fear wasting money on a big design mistake?


With this Guide you can:

  • KNOW you have the correct clearance between your furnishings for flow & ease.
  • PROPORTION  your furniture beautifully in relation to each other.
  • FEARLESSLY hang the perfect sized light fixtures at the perfect height.
  • PLAN your art, so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of postage stamps on the wall.
  • NEVER buy a too-small rug again!
  • FIGURE OUT those “weird” spaces that can’t use  a typical layout.

…and so MUCH MORE!

Before & After

Empty & forlorn to luminous and lived-in!

Before & After

Cluttered & and dismal to collected & comfortable!

Get the confidence you need!

From Teresa E.:

“These rules-of-thumb for space planning and furniture & accessory sizing were enormously helpful!”


Stop Stressing. Start Planning. Get Decorating.

Get the success you need!


Hey! I'm Amy.

And I was once that clueless Forever Homeowner, just like you! 

Now, my passion is helping other homeowners decorate their forever homes, with the character, quality, & comfort that will stand the test of time!

Let’s make YOUR home GLOW!

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