The Home Glow Method

A Step-by-Step System to Decorating Your forever home for Keeps

Overcome overwhelm & indecision and finally craft the unique forever home you’ve always craved!

You finally have that forever house, – the place you want your kids to remember as Saturday mornings, Christmas vacations, and summer BBQs.

But instead of feeling like your second skin, it’s anything BUT comfortable — more like a mish-mosh of mistakes, style uncertainty, Home Goods, and hand-me-downs.

The discomforts of your home may even have become a source of full-on stress and anxiety due to COVID-19 social distancing!

Your forever house should be a refuge and sanctuary.
A unique expression of you that will sustain and uplift you and your family in times of joy and crisis
and stand the test of time.

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Let me ask you: IS it?

If you answered “no,” you are not alone!


  • you’ve had trouble pulling the trigger when it comes to decorating because you’re afraid of making a mistake and wasting money.​
  • you have an idea in your head but no confidence as to how to make it into a reality.​
  • you’re overwhelmed by choices and have no idea where to start.​

Or maybe....

  • you’ve tried to decorate, but nothing seems to work. Your efforts never fulfill your vision, and you just feel like you’ve wasted your money and your limited emotional resources.​

Believe me, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


I’ve been there. I was once that Forever Homeowner like you. I, too, wanted style that didn’t come from a catalog and quality that would last the lifetime of our house — but I had no idea how to get it!


And I have worked with sooooo many other homeowners who were in your exact shoes, too.


Time and time again, they say how much transforming the interiors of their houses has transformed their entire sense of well-being at home. 


They truly feel AT HOME, AT LAST.

I want YOU to feel AT HOME, too.

(Regardless of what maelstroms may hit from the world outside.)

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That’s why I’ve created 

The Home Glow Method.


It’s for Forever Homeowners just like you….

To help you get the confidence you need to get down to work, make a plan, and get decorating… knowing that the results will GLOW.


Over 6 modules, you will learn:

What you'll Get:

  • 6 online modules taking you through the entire decorating process so that you finish with a plan for a complete Forever Room
  • A BONUS LESSON showing you how to make your Forever Home flow as you tackle each new space
  • Worksheets to document your progress, decisions, & budgeting
  • Cheat sheets for My Go-To Decor Hacks for different architectural styles
  • My Resource Guide full of my favorite, quality vendors for different styles & price points
  • My Designer Tips for Space Planning
  • Weekly 30-minute  Facebook LIVES where I’ll answer content questions submitted during the week

You’ll walk away from this training feeling …

  • Confident in the vision you’ve created for your Forever Home.
  • Empowered, with an actionable plan to decorate your first space.
  • Excited to move forward as you tackle future spaces in your home.
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When: Make Your Home Glow launches on Monday, September 28, with each module becoming available every Monday following. You can participate in real time, or go at your own pace. The course will be yours to access at any time.

Length:  8 weeks

Where: Online!


But wait, there's more!!

For those of you who may want some one-on-one guidance, I have 10 VIP spots available. VIP access to The Home Glow Method includes my personal feedback for your work in each of the modules, to be submitted and reviewed via email.


 That means, you’ll have me looking over your shoulder and double checking that you are on the right path! 


Important: Once these VIP spots are filled, there won’t be any more. Also, all module work must be submitted for feedback by December 31, 2020. No work will be reviewed after that date. This VIP option is for you if you are COMMITTED TO RESULTS!

Stop wasting your life decorating your home.

Start LIVING in it!

What do you say? Ready to FINALLY make YOUR HOME GLOW?

Just a little note.

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I can speak from my own, very recent home transformation experience and what a blessing it has been to my family during the stresses of self-quarantine.

We’ve lived in our Forever Home for 8 years, decorating over time, and we recently completed a major renovation/restoration of the hub of our home — our kitchen — RIGHT before COVID-19 in fact!

The space was once dark and cramped and completely unlike our family’s unique style, but it would require a SIGNIFICANT financial & emotional resources on our part to create what we needed. But we also felt that our family’s emotional well-being was WORTH THE INVESTMENT.

I can’t even begin to express how that investment in our home has changed our quality of life – especially during social distancing from COVID-19.

Instead of tripping over one another and constantly being annoyed by a pivotal space that didn’t work, we have beauty and order around us. Things stay neater, because things have a place. We can relax and hang out together comfortably, and that comfort helps us enjoy each other more.

The Power of Home Is Real.


I can’t wait to help YOU feel AT HOME in your Forever House. See you soon!


Enrollment period ends Monday, September 28 at 12:00 AM EST!


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